Goals are Dreams with Deadlines

May 20, 2020 | Newsletters

After our recent Helicopter job, a few asked me… are you buying a chopper! 

And I replied… one day, it’s on my vision board.

I noticed a few people lately asking me about vision boards, so I thought I would comment on this.

My vision board is a place where I put all my aspirations and dreams, and I know damn well that as soon as it goes on the vision board…. Its gonna happen!!!

Because in my mind these images are statements and affirmations of my goals, my mind responds well to them, and when it goes on this board… it’s destined to happen.

Dreams inspire me, motivate me… these dreams tap into my spirit, and I fire up! When your goal is a dream, something that you have a deep burning desire for.. nothing will stop you or keep you from going after it.

My Hotrod is a good example of this, named Sheer Tenacity. It was my dream for years… it held a spot on my vision board for a long time.

So here is another example of my dream, and vision board photo.

I love helicopters, I love the mechanics of this type of flight… and when I stare in the cockpit I dream about learning every button, dial and toggle switch. 

One day I will turn the dream into reality…. it’s on my vision board, so it’s destined to happen.

Dream big . Set goals . Get better… and never give up.


Check out Load 28 Supervisor Luke showcasing our recent TC4 climb for valued client IJ Projects. Coordinated and focused, our amazing rigging team managed this lift so efficiently and safely.

This is not an easy project, as we are working with some close tolerances in the core, but true to Load 28’s innovative mindset, we designed a new chocking method to ensure we keep everything stable and safe throughout our climb. 


One should never underestimate the value and importance of positive client feedback.

Our TC3 went in the air successfully mid-March for our esteemed client Tandem Building Group for their 88 O’Connell Street project. 

The feedback we received: “The boys smashed it today mate. Awesome crew.” 
You can’t ask for much better than that!


PJC Construct utilised the services of Load 28 to assist them with the installation of their Tower Crane. We were engaged to service, repair, install and commission the crane and handover to PJC ready to operate. 

Our technical team worked hard to prepare the unit safely, and will continue to service and maintain the equipment for the duration of the project. 


We love working alongside our valued client Steamranger Heritage Railway.

Check out the video above to hear from Oliver at Streamranger discussing our recent lift of their 621 large steam locomotive at Mount Barker.

Using the power of our fleet, including our 230 ton Liebherr and our 130 ton Liebherr, we managed the job safely and efficiently. As Oliver says, the team from Load 28 worked “patiently” and “perceptively” and “listened to their needs really well”.

Well done lads. Collaboration and teamwork at its finest. 

Lifting in Yorkes

We are excited to announce the establishment of Ardrossan Crane Hire, a division of Load 28 Crane Hire. Ardrossan local and leading Load 28 crane driver and supervisor, Patrick Bush is excited to bring his experience and expertise to the local community.

Should you need crane hire on the Yorke Peninsula, reach out to Patrick (Bushy) on 0436 119 823 or at bushy@ardrossancranes.com.au.