Load 28 2022 Wrap Up!

Dec 22, 2022 | Newsletters

Load 28 and AGI celebrated our end of year Christmas break up over the weekend. It was a great opportunity to get the crew together and reflect on the past year.

When I addressed my team I was overcome by emotion. 

 Looking at the faces staring back at me, I was struck by just how far we have all come, how much we have grown and the calibre of people I am proud to work alongside every day. I had to gather my thoughts so I could speak to our achievements.

After years of social isolation and uncertainty, most of us went in to 2022 with trepidation; anxious as to what the year would bring. ‘Burnout’ is a word I’ve heard over and over again this year as people try and navigate life post the pandemic. Just when we thought COVID-19 was a distant memory, it rears its ugly head again with a resurgence in the lead up to Christmas. Combine this with colder and wetter weather than we are used to at this time of the year, we are all left feeling a little….’blah’. It’s hard for many of us to put into words.

About half way through this year, it became apparent to me that whilst we were seeing a little more stability in 2022, we were still contending with a landscape that is anything but settled. And is it any wonder? Since 2020, the constant threat of getting sick has clung to us like a shadow. The one thing I have learnt though is ‘uncertainty’ is the new ‘certainty’ and we either adapt to it or we are left flailing. 

Through all this adversity, I have been proud of my team, as they continue to put one foot in front of the other, supporting each other and working hard to provide the best service and support to the Industry. They’ve navigated this year’s challenges like champions. 

It’s been fast-paced as Load 28 continued to grow with the acquisition of Nick’s Crane Services, adding more cranes to our fleet, more jobs to our books and more team members to support this growth. Our allocations team have been pushed to their limits managing our busy schedule, but have proven beyond doubt their outstanding capabilities and work ethic.

And whilst 2022 has brought us a surge in inflation throughout the world, the continued spread of the Omicron virus, the overturning of abortion rights in the US Supreme Court, the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, Russia’s war against Ukraine,  the world’s population exceeding 8 billion and more locally, flooding and uncertainty, I’ve never felt more confident and optimistic about the future. With a team like mine, we can achieve anything!

I’d like to thank all our clients and suppliers for their unwavering support in 2022 and reassure them that Load 28 will return in the New Year with a renewed purpose and will continue to deliver outstanding workmanship on their projects. Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in 2023.

Marcus Rigney

Managing Director | Load 28 Crane Hire | Victor Harbor Cranes

Just in time for Christmas

Load 28’s Tower Crane 6 went up in the air this week for our valued client Schiavello. 

Installing a tower crane is no easy task and takes hard work and concentration to get the job done safely and efficiently. Couple this with a busy lead in to the Christmas break and we were all on tenterhooks #pardonthepun.

But we got the job done and she’s ready to start working hard as soon as the new year hits. 

AGI team pushing the limits

The AGI team have been pushing hard to achieve some major milestones on our projects before Christmas. 

60 King William is forecasted to close out and Adelaide Festival Plaza is targeting Level 14 with the team reaching 90 panels per day, that’s a massive 600m2 per day. 

The mantra for the team at the commencement of December was ‘staying focused amidst the chaos’.

There really is no magic answer for this, except for ensuring we stay engaged, connected, support each other and encourage open communication. Our mantra has carried us through this very busy period and more importantly, kept us all safe. 

Valo Adelaide 500

Load 28 was contracted by valued client McMahon Services to support the Valo Adelaide 500. 

We supplied a rigging team, telehandlers, forklifts, mobile cranes, hoists and operators. 

We fully support the reintroduction of this event by Adelaide City Council and enjoyed playing our part. 

Load 28 Next Gen

Family is of the highest importance to Managing Director Marcus Rigney and he has much of his family working beside him in the business.

It was another milestone in November when Marcus worked alongside his son Mitchell in the company’s first ever city crane they ever bought.

Marcus used to drop Mitchell off to primary school in this crane and now Mitchell starts his own journey at Load 28, learning from the ground up.

Welcome to the team Mitch! Your journey has only just begun and we have no doubt you will be a valuable asset to the Load 29 family. 


Check out Load 28 Supervisor Luke showcasing our recent TC4 climb for valued client IJ Projects. Coordinated and focused, our amazing rigging team managed this lift so efficiently and safely.

This is not an easy project, as we are working with some close tolerances in the core, but true to Load 28’s innovative mindset, we designed a new chocking method to ensure we keep everything stable and safe throughout our climb. 


One should never underestimate the value and importance of positive client feedback.

Our TC3 went in the air successfully mid-March for our esteemed client Tandem Building Group for their 88 O’Connell Street project. 

The feedback we received: “The boys smashed it today mate. Awesome crew.” 
You can’t ask for much better than that!


PJC Construct utilised the services of Load 28 to assist them with the installation of their Tower Crane. We were engaged to service, repair, install and commission the crane and handover to PJC ready to operate. 

Our technical team worked hard to prepare the unit safely, and will continue to service and maintain the equipment for the duration of the project. 


We love working alongside our valued client Steamranger Heritage Railway.

Check out the video above to hear from Oliver at Streamranger discussing our recent lift of their 621 large steam locomotive at Mount Barker.

Using the power of our fleet, including our 230 ton Liebherr and our 130 ton Liebherr, we managed the job safely and efficiently. As Oliver says, the team from Load 28 worked “patiently” and “perceptively” and “listened to their needs really well”.

Well done lads. Collaboration and teamwork at its finest. 

Lifting in Yorkes

We are excited to announce the establishment of Ardrossan Crane Hire, a division of Load 28 Crane Hire. Ardrossan local and leading Load 28 crane driver and supervisor, Patrick Bush is excited to bring his experience and expertise to the local community.

Should you need crane hire on the Yorke Peninsula, reach out to Patrick (Bushy) on 0436 119 823 or at bushy@ardrossancranes.com.au.