Loading Decks

Revolutionise your construction site with Load 28’s loading decks

Load 28 can supply and install loading decks to your construction site, utilising our cranes to deploy them and our qualified rigging team to shift and control them. After all, they’re already on site! This further streamlines your project’s construction services for better safety and efficiency, and more importantly saves you money.

The Hydraulic Crane Loading Deck (HLD) is a new concept to the industry that has been purpose built to reduce manual handling and reduce time and costs.

Traditionally, this equipment is pushed by hand. Operated by a push of a button, the electro-hydraulic cylinder extension / retraction module allows the crane loading deck to be extended and retracted, fully automatic and fully loaded in less than 60 seconds.

Our HLD2200 Decks fit perfectly between 2 standard scaffold bays, therefore not compromising valuable work area. Another great feature of the HDL2200 electro-hydraulic crane loading deck is that the end gates can be opened to allow the placement and handling of “oversize” and longer loads.

Fast, Simple, Safe, Single Person, fatigue-free operation of crane loading decks transforming material handling.