March Update

Apr 5, 2024 | Newsletters


Switch off. Switch On. 

This time of the year is difficult to navigate in construction with Easter holidays and Anzac Day weekend falling in the one month. Most sites are shut down for extended periods of time, with workers understandingly using the opportunity to utilise their RDO’s and have a longer break.

The industry grapples to manage its workflow, with increased costs for restarting and shutting down sites and expensive equipment sitting idle for extended periods. This poses significant challenges, with construction projects often subject to strict deadlines for completion.

Grouping one’s rostered days off around public holidays makes sense, and a break from an industry that often demands long hours and intense focus is important. However, how do we manage this as leaders in helping our team to switch back on and refocus once work commences again.

It’s not easy to switch off and switch back on, particularly in an industry that demands a state of distraction-free concentration, especially when it comes to ensuring safety on site.

As leaders, we are not immune to the difficulties of switching off and on. I have had to develop strategies to help myself schedule my work time without distractions, and to ensure my productivity and output are managed appropriately.

Below are some of the strategies I use, and try instil in my team:

1. Turn off notifications. Minimise disruptions by turning off all unnecessary notifications such as social media and messenger. It’s easy to get distracted when we start scrolling through our phones on Facebook and LinkedIn or responding to messages, emails and unnecessary phone calls. Of course, we always need to be flexible and responsive to urgent or important issues that may arise.

2. Plan ahead. This includes setting goals, priorities, milestones, and deadlines, and understanding the scope and specifications of the project we are working on, as well as our roles and responsibilities and that of our team.

3. Batch our work. Group similar tasks and assign activities and finish them in the same time block. Such as making set times for when we reply to emails and messages, manage our diary, meetings, and various other admin tasks so we have assigned time slots for them, and won’t drown our day.

4. Delegate and collaborate. As leaders, we should learn to delegate and work collaboratively with others on our team who have the skills, knowledge, and experience to support us. Delegating and collaborating will not only reduce our workload and stress, but also improve the quality and efficiency of the project we are working on.

5. Take breaks and rest. Breaks and rest can help prevent fatigue, injuries, and errors, as well as boost our mood and motivation. We can use breaks to relax, stretch, hydrate, and eat. Safety on site should always be at the forefront of our mind. And without necessary breaks and rest, we put ourselves and others on site at risk.

As Tony Robbins said, “where focus goes, energy flows”. We are all aware that when we concentrate on a task or goal, limiting distractions, we allocate our mental and physical energy to it. This allows us to accomplish the task more efficiently and effectively.

We all find it difficult to switch off and on, but there are always strategies we can draw upon, to help us get our head back in the game. 

Marcus Rigney
Managing Director
Load 28

RISE to Support Others

Managing Director Marcus Rigney has kick started the first few months of 2024 with multiple presentations of his ‘Do You Need a Lift’ mental health program in his supporting role as a Wellness Coach for Master Builders SA’s RISE program.

In late January, Marcus presented to over 350 Fulton Hogan employees, and more recently to the team at Hansen Yuncken, drawing upon his experience with his son Mitchell, who suffered a traumatic brain injury last year in a speedway accident, and the ways in which he managed this crisis in his family’s life, whilst continuing to run his business.

‘Do You Need a Lift’ is a mental health program, developed by Marcus and targeted to the construction industry, that aims to provide attendees with mental health strategies for dealing with stress and crisis. It draws on five key steps:

1. See it as it is, but don’t see it worse that it is.
2. Get to the truth, and deal with it.
3. Get a vision and get strong.
4. Find a role model and learn from others
5. Give much more than you expect to receive. 

The Master Builders SA RISE program, aims to reduce the prevalence of mental illness and suicide in the Australian building and construction industry – an industry where, sadly, we lose a worker to suicide every second day.

The program is targeted to business owners, subcontractors, and workers, and includes tailored support for female and First Nations members in the industry. Those needing support can book a free confidential session with one of the valued RISE coaches, who themselves come from the construction industry and understand the pressures faced daily. 

Should you or your staff need support, book a session with Marcus one on one, or reach out to Marcus should you see the value in him presenting to your team. As a RISE Coach, Marcus provides support with:

✅Family issues
✅Financial issues
✅Managing my Staff/Team
✅Growing my business
✅Prioritising my workload

Book a FREE confidential session with Marcus today:


New Project Announcements

As we steam ahead into 2024, Load 28 is strategically engaged to deploy a high skillset of people and equipment to tackle a couple of amazing projects here in SA.

Eighty Eight O’Connell 
Load 28 is engaged to manage the installation of Curtain Wall / Window Wall façade for our client Tandem Building Group. With over 17,000 SQM of glass, we are looking forward to bringing the project to life as we climb the 3 towers. Our first panels have been installed and we will move swiftly behind the structure.

Burnside Village 
Load 28 has partnered with Lanik to construct the roof steel canopy for the Burnside Village. Currently we are installing all the structural steel tree supports, and have just commenced the Gridshell installation, supported on temporary towers on the project being led by Hansen Yuncken.

We have 4 weeks of structural steel installation, before we move into approximately 600 pieces of roof glass to install and caulk.

We are really enjoying this project, capitalising on the diversity of our team to help build this awesome shopping centre. 

#planthework #worktheplan



Check out Load 28 Supervisor Luke showcasing our recent TC4 climb for valued client IJ Projects. Coordinated and focused, our amazing rigging team managed this lift so efficiently and safely.

This is not an easy project, as we are working with some close tolerances in the core, but true to Load 28’s innovative mindset, we designed a new chocking method to ensure we keep everything stable and safe throughout our climb. 


One should never underestimate the value and importance of positive client feedback.

Our TC3 went in the air successfully mid-March for our esteemed client Tandem Building Group for their 88 O’Connell Street project. 

The feedback we received: “The boys smashed it today mate. Awesome crew.” 
You can’t ask for much better than that!


PJC Construct utilised the services of Load 28 to assist them with the installation of their Tower Crane. We were engaged to service, repair, install and commission the crane and handover to PJC ready to operate. 

Our technical team worked hard to prepare the unit safely, and will continue to service and maintain the equipment for the duration of the project. 


We love working alongside our valued client Steamranger Heritage Railway.

Check out the video above to hear from Oliver at Streamranger discussing our recent lift of their 621 large steam locomotive at Mount Barker.

Using the power of our fleet, including our 230 ton Liebherr and our 130 ton Liebherr, we managed the job safely and efficiently. As Oliver says, the team from Load 28 worked “patiently” and “perceptively” and “listened to their needs really well”.

Well done lads. Collaboration and teamwork at its finest. 

Lifting in Yorkes

We are excited to announce the establishment of Ardrossan Crane Hire, a division of Load 28 Crane Hire. Ardrossan local and leading Load 28 crane driver and supervisor, Patrick Bush is excited to bring his experience and expertise to the local community.

Should you need crane hire on the Yorke Peninsula, reach out to Patrick (Bushy) on 0436 119 823 or at