End of Year Wrap Up: More than just Crane Hire

Dec 19, 2023 | Newsletters


Load 28…More than just Crane Hire

When diversification just makes sense

I’ve never been one to sit on my haunches. In fact, I learnt very early on in business, great risk lies in doing so. Whilst it can be appealing for businesses to stick to their usual approach, one that is tried and proven, not diversifying can result in a lack of growth. It also doesn’t allow businesses to respond to, or get ahead of market conditions, or meet the growing and changing demands of their client base. 

One of the most challenging decisions a company can confront is whether to diversify: the rewards and risks can be extraordinary. But diversification doesn’t need to be quite such a roll of the dice. Yes, it always will involve uncertainty; all major business decisions do, but forward-thinking leaders will always think two or three moves ahead, constantly questioning if their business is doing all it can to transfer relevant information and competencies from one line of business to another. 
It’s for these reasons that Load 28 recently broadened its service offering of Crane Hire and Glass Installation to include Vertical Hoists and Loading Decks. The NCompass Solution is a business strategy Load 28 has developed to provide our clients with an encompassing solution to building services on site, to ensure their construction project is more streamlined and efficient.

Load 28’s The NCompass Solution draws upon our business’s proven strength in project management and allows for the transference of skills across multiple areas.

So, what does it mean for you?

  • You have one service provider that is highly skilled in providing any form of high-risk work the project has.
  • You have one point-of-contact for service engagement. We will review all your requirements and bundle it into one package.
  • You have one engineering team across all services. Our engineers who are lift planning and designing are the same people we will use for tower crane, vertical hoist and loading deck design, further streamlining your project for better efficiency.
  • You have one installation team. Our team who install tower cranes and hoists are the same team that facilitate tower/hoist jumping and loading deck movements. They know your site, are safety inducted and are highly skilled in all areas.
  • Load 28’s leading project management skills in glass façade projects is drilled into all areas of our business. You can be assured that we have the ability to cater for any ad hoc high-risk projects you may have. 

This is one of those times where diversification just makes sense. The NCompass Solution is not about offering new services to the market, but rather streamlining services for our clients, using innovative products, to provide for better efficiency and cost-saving measures on site. And what better company to provide these services than one that is proven for its exceptional project management capabilities and recently recognised for its perseverance and growth.

Becoming finalists in October for Outstanding Growth in South Australia for the 2024 Telstra Best of Business Awards was a stand out achievement for us this year, and further testament to the strength of our business and our outstanding team. I am beyond excited about what 2024 has in store for Load 28 and being able to further showcase the benefits of The NCompass Solution with the construction industry and our valued clients.

Our success this year would not have been possible without your support. Check out our lead Christmas video above to see what the team have been up to this year! We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year and we look forward to working alongside you to achieve great things together in 2024.

You can find out more about The NCompass Solution HERE or get in touch with me to see how we can better streamline services on your building site.

Marcus Rigney

Managing Director | Load 28 Crane Hire | Victor Harbor Cranes

Meet ‘Cranky’ the Crane

Load 28 is engaged by valued client BESIX Watpac to provide tower crane services, mobile crane hire, vertical hoists and loading decks to their Eastwood Private Hospital project, providing Load 28’s The NCompass Solution to services on site. 

During the early stages of the project’s development, BESIX Watpac approached Load 28 with the very creative idea to name the Potain MC310 12-ton Tower Crane that is being used on site, and together we brainstormed ideas on how to best execute this. 

Load 28 reached out to our close contacts from the Starlight Children’s Foundation to see how we could get this wonderful charity involved in the project.

The children currently being supported by Starlight across 20 different Starlight Express Rooms took the time to colour in a picture of the tower crane and give it a name. All these colourful works of art were provided to BESIX Watpac and their senior management team to chose a winner.

Madison’s picture was chosen and ‘Cranky the Crane’ is now the proud mascot of the Eastwood Private Hospital project! Load 28’s Tower Crane now proudly displays the name ‘Cranky’ via a large sign bolted to the crane; Madison’s work on full display. 

We will soon be setting up a Fundraising Page for Cranky, to raise much needed funds for the Starlight Children’s Foundation and hope to have a BBQ on site to support this in the coming months.

BESIX Watpac is constructing the $90m six-story Eastwood Private Hospital for project proponenent Barwon Investment Partners which promises to transform healthcare services in the region, offering state-of-the-art facilities and enhancing patient care.

It will boast a range of cutting-edge features, including a six-theatre perioperative floor, a 51-bed ward, a multi-level car park, a café, retail spaces, and essential medical imaging and pathology services.

Load 28 is excited to partner with BESIX Watpac to bring this project to life, which will provide patients with a broader array of healthcare options and significantly reduce waiting times for surgeries.

Watch our video above to learn more about ‘Cranky the Crane’ and this wonderful partnership with BESIX Watpac, Load 28 and the Starlight Children’s Foundation.


More than Capable

At Load 28, we know we are more than capable to tackle any project, big or small. But it wasn’t until we undertook the task of writing our ‘Capability Statement’ recently that we truly realised the extent of our capabilities. 

The business has grown substantially over the past 13 years, and today, we are well recognised and respected within the South Australian construction industry as leading specialists in mobile crane hire, tower crane hire and Tier 1 projects.

We are proud to boast 29 cranes of all sizes and capabilities within our fleet and employ 103 valued staff within the Load 28 family. Our team are highly trained and experienced, having worked across a diverse range of industries and projects. They are specialists in their field and continuously updating their qualifications to provide the highest level of service to the industry.

So what are the driving forces behind our success?

  • Fostering a team-based culture focused upon safety and quality customer experiences.
  • Our experience managing specific project work that sits outside the normal scope.
  • A vast range of equipment that is well maintained, operated by crew that are highly trained.
  • An innovative mindset to the operation of our business and in the development of our products and services.

Tea Tree Plaza Park ‘n’ Ride


Hear from our Depot Manager Warren Grey about Load 28’s recent work on Built’s Tea Tree Plaza Park ‘n’ Ride project. 

We used our 230-ton Liebherr mobile crane ‘Leo’ to install shutters and reo, lifting 600 kg’s at a boom length of approx. 68 metres. This was the most efficient crane for this job, with limited tight access, it meant we could do all our lifting from one side, ensuring it was safe and cost effective for our client. 

Rory, a valued Load 28 Rigger also discusses the rigging services we provided on this job and Brett talks about our use of our 70-ton Liebherr mobile crane. 



Here’s Josh talking about a recent air conditioning unit installation at Belair for one of our valued clients IKON. 

The plan was to use our 20-ton mobile crane for the job, but once assessing the site, we realised that due to the terrain, we needed to use our 28-ton pick ‘n’ carry tidd crane. 

We got the job done with little fuss and safely and effectively, resulting in a happy and satisfied client. 

Lyell McEwin Hospital


Check out this awesome drone video of Load 28’s Potain MCT88 Tower Crane working hard at Built’s Lyell McEwin Hospital project.

Built has engaged us for Tower Crane services, mobile crane hire and rigging for the $47 million project that will deliver 48 single occupancy rooms with ensuites, including rooms with speciality care features, improving patient comfort and wellbeing for people who require a higher level of support.

Load 28 will also support Built on this project with sunshade facade installation early next year.


Our branded beer

Load 28 have partnered with the Big Shed Brewery to release our own personalised beer.

We know we are going to enjoy a few of these bevvies over the Christmas break, as well as some of our valued clients.

Mid-strength of course!



Check out Load 28 Supervisor Luke showcasing our recent TC4 climb for valued client IJ Projects. Coordinated and focused, our amazing rigging team managed this lift so efficiently and safely.

This is not an easy project, as we are working with some close tolerances in the core, but true to Load 28’s innovative mindset, we designed a new chocking method to ensure we keep everything stable and safe throughout our climb. 


One should never underestimate the value and importance of positive client feedback.

Our TC3 went in the air successfully mid-March for our esteemed client Tandem Building Group for their 88 O’Connell Street project. 

The feedback we received: “The boys smashed it today mate. Awesome crew.” 
You can’t ask for much better than that!


PJC Construct utilised the services of Load 28 to assist them with the installation of their Tower Crane. We were engaged to service, repair, install and commission the crane and handover to PJC ready to operate. 

Our technical team worked hard to prepare the unit safely, and will continue to service and maintain the equipment for the duration of the project. 


We love working alongside our valued client Steamranger Heritage Railway.

Check out the video above to hear from Oliver at Streamranger discussing our recent lift of their 621 large steam locomotive at Mount Barker.

Using the power of our fleet, including our 230 ton Liebherr and our 130 ton Liebherr, we managed the job safely and efficiently. As Oliver says, the team from Load 28 worked “patiently” and “perceptively” and “listened to their needs really well”.

Well done lads. Collaboration and teamwork at its finest. 

Lifting in Yorkes

We are excited to announce the establishment of Ardrossan Crane Hire, a division of Load 28 Crane Hire. Ardrossan local and leading Load 28 crane driver and supervisor, Patrick Bush is excited to bring his experience and expertise to the local community.

Should you need crane hire on the Yorke Peninsula, reach out to Patrick (Bushy) on 0436 119 823 or at bushy@ardrossancranes.com.au.